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It’s finally finished!  Yes, this is all of the song I’m doing but by all means play as many other songs with it as you like.  We recommend Hips Don’t Lie, Talk Dirty to Me, and Tight Pants Body Rolls.


mcsiggy (Colors!), Homestuck (Source Media!), Katolilly’s Manip (It’s all her fault!)

[S] Cronus: Put Some Lipstick On

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Well…I’m just going to slide down my chair and blush over a fictional character

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Anonymous asked: how did you learn to draw?

Hi anon! I think it was a combination of things.  My dad is also an artist (painter) so I was expose pretty early, then I found anime where I became a life long nerd! I started out copying things I like (sailor moon, dragon ball z, clamp) at a young age(6 ish), then during middle school when my weeaboo was strongest I basically drew a a very VERY bad comic about me and my friends that was 300-400 pages long; it was shit but because of all the mileage I improved.  As I got older I started taking life drawing classes at a community college which help me significantly then I went to an Art College in which the first year and a half required foundation and basics.  But I just kept drawing and practicing, looking at peoples work for inspiration and try to work on my weaknesses with foundations and observing people and things around me.  Practicing, observing, trying new things, tutorials, and studying is what helped me and constructive criticisms from fellow artists; thanks for asking =D

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Pages 41-45 of No Red Sweaters.  DANGER arrives in the form of two murderclowns who are quick to whip out their strife specibi (or grief specibi, I guess, given that we’re on Alternia).  How will our heroes respond?  Find out probably tomorrow, since I have a working blue pen again!

For more, check the No Red Sweaters tag on my blog!

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