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When The Gigapause Ends



can we have some sort of rule that you cant post spoilers for at least two days so that gives everyone a chance to read it and that way I can cram as much as mentally possible before getting bombarded with amazing shit

i second this. seriously think about how their servers are going to handle this. someone people are going to be able to see more than others before it dies, so give everyone a good enough berth to read it spoiler free, I think that’s only fair!

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Looking for Background Artists! (boosts welcome)

I’ll try and be brief about this but please don’t reblog the funny video and delete the text.  The text needs to be here because it’s kind of the point of this post; otherwise I wouldn’t be putting this on the internet yet.

A while ago fadeintocase was like “hey man you wanna do something” and I was like “oh man that sounds hella” and so it became that case and tooch made this gem.  The video above features only storyboards for quite a small part of the audio they sent me!

For ages I was working on other projects or school or After Us, which is still my top priority, but with a lower framerate and a couple of the other tricks I used on that Let Us Bounce video, I think I might have a shot at finishing it without dying of stress.

That said, I would really really like to have someone to do the backgrounds.  Each shot wouldn’t necessarily need a unique one and some of them could probably be abstract, anime-style.  But ngl there would be quite a few and I already have a lot on my plate so if you have time/energy/interest, please please drop me an email at abigail.blck@gmail.com with a sample of your work.  I might pick multiple people if they seem compatible.  We’ll just see how things work out. ^u^

just gonna rebagelboost this one more time. I have backup plans so if things don’t work out don’t cry for me argentina

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A short experiment with free-handing lineart and animating with a slower framerate.  I storyboarded it yesterday and finished it in about three hours today (not counting getting it posted).  Much choppier than my usual stuff but a lot of fun!

Pages are 008555 and 008556 - totalspiffage - miketoochHomestuck Bandcamp

Background whoosh sound was downloaded from Freesound.org.  It probably just sounds like annoying static. :/

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