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Clark Powell
Nepeta in Three


An in-progress arrangement of Serenade in a triple meter. The percussion you hear is from knocking on the wood body of a piano.

This was originally for a totally unrelated project, and turns out if I’m not sure what melody to use in a song I’ll default to Serenade. I’m not quite sure where to take it next, though. Maybe cello. I’ll figure it out.

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When The Gigapause Ends



can we have some sort of rule that you cant post spoilers for at least two days so that gives everyone a chance to read it and that way I can cram as much as mentally possible before getting bombarded with amazing shit

i second this. seriously think about how their servers are going to handle this. someone people are going to be able to see more than others before it dies, so give everyone a good enough berth to read it spoiler free, I think that’s only fair!

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